Jesus is both God and man

The Bible teaches and the Church has always believed in the deity and humanity of Christ.  This doctrine separates true Christians from false ones.

Jesus is Lord and King

Jesus came to declare to us the Kingdom of God.  He is the King of that Kingdom.  Acknowledging that he is your King and submitting to him as your Lord is essential Christian doctrine.  Without Christ as your King you cannot be in his Kingdom.

The Kingdom is spiritual

The Kingdom of God is a spiritual Kingdom made up of all believers.  It is not an earthly kingdom and does not operate by the rules of earthly kingdoms.  Jesus's Kingdom is not earthly or political, nor is it extended in the same manner as earthly kingdoms.

The Kingdom is established by death and resurrection

Jesus humbled himself and died on a cross so that our sins might be forgiven and so that we might be restored to relationship with God.  The penalty for choosing a value system other than God's is broken relationship, and Jesus experienced that broken relationship (death) on our behalf.  Jesus's resurrection (life) and restoration to the Father proves that God accepted his atoning death on our behalf.  All those in God’s Kingdom will be resurrected and live with God forever.

We must adopt God’s value system

God's value system is sacrificial love for the benefit of others.  It most looks like Jesus on the cross.  Jesus established one rule in his Kingdom: we are to love one another as he has loved us.  This is the highest ethical standard and all those in Christ's Kingdom are to seek it as their own value system.  No one can be in Christ's Kingdom if they reject the value system of the King.  Although we will love imperfectly in this life, we must be pursuing God's value system as our own.  We do not believe in a works based salvation.